SimpleREV Local Gatherings: The Crossroads of Community and Simplicity

SimpleREV Local Gatherings: Simplicity Your Way, at Your Speed, With Your People

SimpleREV Local gatherings are free, intimate, and recurring community groups that help each member on their simple living journey. Whether you've just woken up to an intentional way of life or have been simplifying for years, the power of in-person connection among inspiring people is amazing.

Want to see what a SimpleREV Local gathering at the crossroads of simplicity and community looks and feels like? Click play now on the short video below (or watch on YouTube).

We believe that a simple, slower life is for anyone and unique to everyone. We know that purpose comes from intentional experiences, not stuff. And we focus on gratitude over consumption so we can know what’s important and release what’s not.

Local communities: that’s where the ripple-causing, world-changing impact happens and where you come in.

Where We Are Right Now


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Become a SimpleREV Local Host in Your Community

“We had the most wonderful afternoon. One of the ladies who came was so inspired that she’s already talking to her church about running a similar SimpleREV style gathering.” Peta Wilson, SimpleREV Local Host

Across the world, local SimpleREVers are coming together to connect, learn, share, laugh, and impact.

We're looking for future community pillars to champion the mission to be more intentional, grateful, and mindful. And we need to help more people say “no” to meaningless consumption and “yes” to more important things instead.

It can all start with one great host: you.

So raise your hand to become a SimpleREV Local Gathering host by completing the brief form below.

“As I continue to pursue an intentional life, I'm grateful to create and be in such a supportive environment for it. By hosting SimpleREV Local gatherings and participating in them with my wife, we've found an incredible community of like-minded people with similar goals. The encouraging discussion and support constantly helps us continue our minimalist lifestyle and keep us on track.”

Anthony Ongaro, SimpleREV Local Host

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Frequently Asked Questions for Potential Hosts

What are the next steps after I fill out the form on this page?

If we seem like a good fit based on your form details, Joel will coordinate a thirty minute, one-to-one conversation with you about expectations, our resources for you, and a chance to get inside the head of the SimpleREV team. Then, when we're on the same page and know we're a good fit, we'll give you access to our Host Field Kit, the current SimpleREV Local hosts around the world, and either personalized or group training to meet your needs.

Do I need event or community organizing experience to host SimpleREV Local gatherings?

Nope. But you do need to be willing to do hard work and behind-the-scenes stuff. We'll help you build a host team – for example, a co-host, promoter, or the smiley welcomer person – so you don't have to do everything yourself. Because we do not want you to do everything yourself. It's not sustainable and, besides, it's more fun to spread the fulfilling work around!

Finding a venue, helping participants RSVP, getting the word out, maintaining a hosting team, preparing an agenda, and being a good facilitator sounds tough. How will you help me with all of this?

Our main resource is the SimpleREV Local Host Field Kit. Hosts around the world have successfully used it to start and keep their recurring gatherings going strong and it can do the same for you. Remember: you're part of a global community of hosts who eagerly help each other with best practices, the inevitable struggles, and the big celebrations when you light up your slice of the world. You have the direct support of the core SimpleREV team as well who have all “been there, done that.”

Would You Rather Participate Than Host?

Sometimes a community starts with eager participants and a host follows to bring people together. Just pass along some quick information and we'll actively search for a host in your area once enough people around you are ready for our style of simple-living and community-building.

Frequently Asked Questions for Eager Participants

What cities, towns, or regions of the world have active SimpleREV Local gatherings?

Go back up the page and look in the “Where We Are Right Now” listing. We'll have an interactive map or another nifty way of showing you where you can gather with your fellow simple-living enthusiasts once more communities are established.

What can I do to get SimpleREV Local gatherings going in my area soon?
We would love your help to recruit a suitable simple-living, community-building loving person in your area. Share the link to this page on social media, via email, or with anyone else you believe would be a great fit to do simplicity your way, at your speed, and with your people.
How do I know when SimpleREV Local comes to my area?

We give updates on new areas with active SimpleREV Local chapters, community profiles, and more in our newsletter. Subscribe now and you'll be the first to know when a host is bringing people together around you.

Just One More Reason Why SimpleREV Local Is Worth It

“Going to my local SimpleREV gatherings has helped me have a more intentional morning routine and has given me a spark to start the blog I've only been thinking about for years. Sure, I have great friends, family, and co-workers, but it's incredibly neat to share my aspirations or hear inspiring stories from local acquaintances (and now, new friends). SimpleREV is a truly warm, comfortable community and the catalyst for some great changes in my life.”

Elizabeth Ossers, SimpleREV Local Participant

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