Go Deeper with SimpleREV: How to Help Us and Make a Big Impact SimpleREV

Go Deeper with SimpleREV: How to Help Us and Make a Big Impact

It was amazing that we pulled off our SimpleREV 2014 and 2015 events with a completely volunteer-led team. And it's in this selfless spirit that we continue to build our community and draw from a great pool of simple-living enthusiasts.

We have a bold list of projects coming up, but we can only realize their potential with your help. Here are the volunteer roles we need to fill … hopefully by you or someone else you send our way that's also jazzed about simple-living.

And please: feel free to contact Joel if you need more details about a specific role or the overall needs of SimpleREV.

Note: Any volunteer role will start off with small tasks and an equally small commitment. We'll expand from there if everyone's happy after a trial period.

Important Roles

Graphic Designer

This is primarily for images to share on social media or custom graphics for future website pages. But we'd also like someone who can do pretty layouts for PDFs, visual design of our upcoming SimpleREV local gathering field kit, and other key tasks that show off our collective personality.

Website Development

We're in the process of changing WordPress themes (to Divi from the Elegant Themes) and restructuring our website for the global needs of each SimpleREV Local group around the world. We always need help with the technical, aesthetic, and function parts of the website and we'd also enjoy more strategic help in designing page and post templates or crafting a long-term vision for what the website looks and acts like.

Video Production and/or Editing

We'd like to get more into the world of video, but our Brain Trust's video production and editing skills are lacking. So we're looking for someone who can, for example, coach us on recording the action at SimpleREV Local gatherings or can edit together a short promotional video highlighting the best parts of SimpleREV 2014 and 2015.

Branding/Marketing Pro

We need someone to walk us through a brand standard mapping process and help us communicate a consistent message – in text, audio, and video – everywhere we go. We'd cover items like our origin story, tagline, social media presence, and more.


This role would serve many important purposes like creating the copy for new website pages, developing an automated email series when someone subscribers to our newsletter, and a few other miscellaneous text tasks.

Community Manager

This role would help us strategize expanding our online and offline platforms to grow the SimpleREV community. It involves helping us define what “success” looks like from a community development perspective, actively connecting people who want to be more engaged with each other within the SimpleREV movement, facilitating conversations in forums or social media, moving people from passive consumers of simple living content into active SimpleREVers, and more.

Public Relations

We need to bring awareness for our mission and vision to traditional media and strategic partners. This role will help us identify potential alliances, develop individual and group relationships on our behalf, and act as a liaison between the Brain Trust and the world at-large.


Want to fill a hole or role that's not mentioned above? We'd still love to have you get your fingerprints on our movement in your unique way! Send Joel an email and let him know what's on your mind.

Next on the SimpleREV Scene: You

We're grateful that you're willing to help make SimpleREV into something meaningful! And if you're not sure how to help and want us to develop a specialized role based on your assets, fill out this asset mapping form and earn our enduring gratitude.

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