SimpleREV Events: for Simplifying, Community-Building, Authentic-Loving People Like You

Where Do Authentic Simple-Living Enthusiasts Gather for Deep Connection?

Our Answer Is SimpleREV Events

On October 3-4, 2014, fifty-five simple living enthusiasts gathered at the University of St. Thomas in downtown Minneapolis, MN for the first-ever SimpleREV event.

The goal? Two days of deep connection with like-minded allies, intimate workshops, community-sourced activities, and inspiring conversation. Thousands of hugs, smiles, and sparks later, our community found mentors, new friends, and a potential transformation for the future of simple-living.

We gathered again in October 2015 and went even farther with our mission to keep things peer-driven, participant-led, and rich with the sense of belonging that turns strangers into friends.

Who knows – We may rev up that spirit again in the future.

Our Mission and Plan of Action

To challenge what it means to bring people together.

To embrace some of the finest simple-living champions anywhere.

To freely give and receive our community's gifts in a non-commercial, sponsor-free environment.

To build momentum and change the global simple-living narrative.

“SimpleREV 2015 pushed me to both define my life's mission and take the necessary steps to get there. ​Thank you for allowing me to step into community with you and these absolutely glowing souls. I am overflowing with gratitude.”

Aly Chase

The Give Away Life

“The event was incredible, packed from start to finish with great workshop leaders, ideas, and connecting with my community. It was worth every penny and every second … and I can't wait for the next one.”

Jeff Sandquist

Intentionally Wandering

Experience SimpleREV 2015

Main Image for SimpleREV 2015 Participants

“SimpleREV 2015 introduced me to some of the coolest people I've ever met (and never would have met otherwise). I'm energized and inspired by – plus connected and grateful to – my new SimpleREV friends for a soul-nourishing experience that I’ll never forget.”

Denny Cave


“The depth of trust, transparency, and kindness we shared with one another was tremendous. I never thought I'd meet some total strangers and, hours later, become deeply invested in their personal goals. And I actually cried on the way home because I already missed some of my new friends.”

Matt Gunia

Experience SimpleREV 2014

Main Image for SimpleREV 2014 Participants

“SimpleREV 2014 felt like a family gathering with bonus insights and inspiration. Everyone seemed exceptional and dedicated to living a simpler life in their own way.”

Jean-Francois Moreau

“The SimpleREV event was two mind-blowing days that left me with a head full of thoughts and a heart full of love.”

Melissa Cave

Rethink Motherhood

Questions You Might Be Asking (and We Want to Answer)

Who organizes the events?

Your SimpleREV Brain Trust: Joel Zaslofsky and Sarah Wehkamp. They always have major contributions from volunteers because we love to build community within our community.

Who participates?

We don't have passive attendees at SimpleREV events – only active participants. So we gather many of your favorite faces from the online world and some great people you've never heard of before. Essentially, we're all genuine, down-to-earth humans who want to geek out about the overlap in our passions, interests, and skills.

What are the popular conversation and activity topics?

You mean besides how awesome it is to be among like-minded friends who share your sense of belonging and don't think you’re a weirdo like mainstream culture does? Well, get excited for small group chats, full community workshops, breakout sessions, shared meals, and other action focused on meditation, minimalism, yoga, permaculture, homesteading, sustainability, nature, transition towns, tiny houses, intentional-living, compassion, gratitude, all things slow (like food or parenting), zero waste, holistic wellness, mindfulness, self-awareness, self-care, decluttering, and more.

As an introvert, will I fit in and have fun with your unconventional format?

We hear you. And actually, many of the folks who directly influence our event are introverts. That's why we have two hour lunches to allow you time to recharge. That's why we facilitate a lot of the conversation, often in small groups, so you don't have to constantly find something new to talk about with new people. That's why we use the proven Conferences That Work model that adapts to meet your needs, leverages the combined expertise and experience of all participants – not just the typical extroverts who tend to dominate – and provide unique opportunities to discover, connect, and learn.

In other words, we'll gently push your boundaries and respect them at the same time (and our introverted past participants will back us up on that one).

What do I get with my ticket?

Our affordable tickets includes full access to the peer-conference style activities, intimate workshops, pre-event connecting, and an invite to our Sunday SimpleREV Local host training. Full meals aren't really our style, but there are plenty of organic and/or fair trade beverages throughout your time with us.

What if I get a ticket and ultimately can't go?

Because tickets are non-refundable, we know it can be unsettling to get one months in advance and risk not being able to participate. That's why we have a ticket transfer procedure for a $50 processing fee until a month-and-a-half before each event.

What optional action happens around a SimpleREV event?

We host our traditional Thursday night casual gathering at a coffee shop near the main venue. And we've started to run successful SimpleREV Local host training on Sunday morning and will continue to do it indefinitely.

What's this I hear about everyone hugging each other at SimpleREV events?

The spirit of Huggr – our imaginary social platform that often feels real – flows through most of what we do. But we know some SimpleREVers like a high-five, handshake, fist-bump, or “Howdy” better than a hug. So we include your preferred greeting on your name badge so everyone can know if you're permanently logged on to Huggr or would rather figuratively embrace others.

“SimpleREV 2015 was the truest sense of community I’ve ever felt and it was beautiful to experience. I hope you have the chance to experience something like this in your lifetime … it changes everything.”

Magnus Skonberg

“SimpleREV 2015 left me stronger, more informed, and more excited about life than I ever have been! Honestly, it was the best weekend of my life so far.”

Michelle Brooke Barry