The SimpleREV Brain Trust

The SimpleREV Brain Trust


Joel Zaslofsky is the community-building, simple-living, authenticity-chasing founder of He also hosts the popular Smart and Simple Matters show and spends a lot of time thinking about all things SimpleREV. When he's not enjoying nature, making his wife smile, or playing with his two young sons, Joel's busy minimizing, being Paleo, reigniting his personal renaissance, and Experience Curating.

Sarah WehkampSarah WEHKAMP

Sarah Wehkamp is passionate about helping families find balance and simplicity in their home life. She and her husband, Chris, are also the founders of Parents Who, a website that equips parents with tools to create and maintain a simpler, more meaningful family life. She's the mother to the youngest firemen in the world, identical twin boys Mr. B & Mr. C, a fair trade chocolate enthusiast, a former elementary school teacher, and an avid traveler. Connect with her @SarahWehkamp.

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