All Things SimpleREV Intro - ATSR001

All Things SimpleRev CoverThe First Episode of All Things SimpleREV

Welcome to All Things SimpleREV! Our goal for the show is to give you all the ins and outs, and “what's news” about the SimpleREV movement and our highly anticipated 2014 event coming up on October 3-4.

We know people get their content in lots of ways. Some love to read blog posts and visit websites. Others like their info in audio form. So we figured, since we (Dan and Joel) are podcasters, we might as well do a show about SimpleREV and release new episodes when we have stuff to share. So, “All Things SimpleREV” was born!

Since much of what's on the show is an audio version of what's elsewhere here on, we'll simply link to those pages instead of rehashing it here. You know … keep things simple! We hope you listen in to the show and subscribe in iTunes, but here's an overview of what we talked about and links to more info:

The Who, What, When, Where, and Why of SimpleREV

  • Who we are
  • The SimpleREV background and story
  • Dates and location for our SimpleREV 2014 event
  • More info can be found on the SimpleREV About page

The How of SimpleREV … and How You Can Get Involved

Thanks for joining us on this first episode of All Things SimpleREV. Be sure to subscribe in iTunes so you don't miss a beat, or keep checking in back here for all the latest.