Simplifying SimpleREV 2014 and Our Declaration - ATSR008

Free and Easy

No horns will herald our arrival, but we've made some amazing changes to an already exciting SimpleREV event coming up inĀ just one month.

Just one month? Wowzers.

Don't worry though. The dates, location, venue, workshop leaders, and spirit aren't changing. SimpleREV 2014 is still going down on October 3rd and 4th in Minneapolis, MN at the University of St. Thomas. Workshop leaders like Joshua Becker, Sheryl and Dave Balthrop, and Mike Vardy are still going to be doing their respective things.

But we've made some decisions to make SimpleREV even better. You already have a big taste of these changes if you're on our community email list. If you're not getting the SimpleREV newsletter though, well … as William Wallace would say, “That is something you shall have to remedy.”

Have a listen to this All Things SimpleREV episode for the full context of all the “why's” and “hows.” Here's the Reader's Digest version of the changes:

  • A new cap on the number of SimpleREVers. We've shifted to an intimate gathering of 60 to guarantee the deep connection and community vibe we've been after all along.
  • Attendees will have their own food choices. We feel better about presenting healthier options “off campus” so everyone can slow down and be nourished by what they eat.
  • An intense focus on the actual event experience. Your event organizers will be less consumed with, say, videography nuances, and more attentive to the people who are present.
  • A new presentation format: the REV Talk. We blatantly borrowed the TED Talk concept and condensed it to 15 minutes for three lucky SimpleREV attendees to give a classic presentation. Our “REV Talkers” will be highlighted right along side our workshop leaders right here.

Need more details? Click here for our updated event schedule page.

You Gotta Check Out The Declaration Of SimpleREV

Well, we won't spent too much time writing about the final version of our Declaration. Just listen in to the episode for the straight skinny.

But we can't resist showing off our community-sourced triumph below. She's a beaut, isn't she?

You can see her in her full glory on our dedicated Declaration page. Click here and share this lovely lass with the easy links and options we've provided.

SimpleREV Declaration

SimpleREV Specifics

There are precious few tickets left, so get yours for SimpleREV on October 3-4, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the University of St. Thomas downtown campus. Tons of people, all passionate about simplicity, will be there … and we want you there too!

If you want to reach us, you can send an email to or Also, say “Hi!” on Twitter @simple_rev or connect with us, and each other, on Facebook at SimpleREV. Oh, and hey … check out our YouTube page too!

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