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We couldn't wait to record Episode 4 of All Things SimpleREV!

Hot off the trail from our visit with Joshua Becker on the last show, Joel got to work recording some new videos on the SimpleREV YouTube channel.

Dan wanted to ask Joel to explain the story behind each one, so that's just what we did.

Each video is between 2-4 minutes, but they're packed with things to contemplate.

The Videos:

We Want Your Contributions, Too!

Everyone smiles when they see what simple living means to you.

So to inspire and motivate each other, the SimpleREV community has started a series of short videos and images called “What Simple Living Means to Me.”

Joel explained what simple living means to him. But now it’s your chance to share your unique version of simple with your fellow simplicity enthusiasts.

Here’s how to contribute, energize us, and get deeper into your SimpleREV community.

A New Workshop Leader Announcement: Brooks Duncan

Brooks Duncan helps awesome people go paperless at where he writes about tools, workflows, and taking action. He's a Certified Management Accountant and a former computer programmer and software support manager from Vancouver, Canada.

You can see the scoop on Brooks' workshop, and all the others, on the workshop schedule page.

SimpleREV Specifics

Mark your calendars for SimpleREV on October 3-4, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the University of St. Thomas downtown campus. 200+ people, all passionate about simplicity, will be there … and we want you there too!

If you want to get super deep into simple living, you can get involved by:

If you want to reach us, you can send an email to or SimpleREV is also coming into its own on social media, so say hi on Twitter @simple_rev or join us on Facebook at SimpleREV.

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