Your "What Simple Means to Me" Update - ATSR006 SimpleREV

All Things SimpleRev CoverRemember back in episode 4 of All Things SimpleREV when we talked about the SimpleREV YouTube page?

And remember those “What Simple Living Means to Me” videos we asked you to contribute? Well, we have five unique versions of simple up for you to watch now.

The Video Short and Skinny

I (Joel) kicked off the What Simple Living Means to Me project by talking about the theme of “enough.” Enough money, enough “stuff,” heck … even enough kids! You can check out that video here.

We're grateful that, once the gates were opened, there were a herd of simple living enthusiasts waiting to come through. People like:

  • Ethan Waldman of He didn't just speak about the 220 square foot tiny house: he gave us the tour! All in about two inspiring minutes on a beautiful Vermont summer day.
  • Mridu Parikh from She talked about systems and intentionality to reduce stress, to focus on the things that really matter, and to have a content family.
  • SimpleREV's own co-organizer, Dan Hayes from He recorded a video by the stream about how he and his wife Vanessa have structured their work around a downsized lifestyle. This deliberate mindset lets them prioritize time and experiences as a family first … and maybe even catch a fish or two.
  • Aly Chase of This was a playful, but sincere video about the intersection of Primal living and simple living. We were motivated by seeing her play Ultimate Frisbee with her family, their “Grokfeast” and how much of it was locally sourced, and finishing up with the quiet of a fire at night.

Discover the full context – and full inspiration – on our YouTube channel at

Behind-the-Scenes with SimpleREV Event Planning

Dan, our event planner (Nancy), and I spent two hours last Friday in a marathon session about the SimpleREV event agenda. There are so many moving pieces and we're feeling the pressure to not just make everything look simple … but to actually keep it simple.

We can’t tip our hand (fully), but get ready for some awesomeness as we prepare to publish the two-day agenda soon.

SimpleREV Specifics

Mark your calendars for SimpleREV on October 3-4, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the University of St. Thomas downtown campus. 200+ people, all passionate about simplicity, will be there … and we want you there too!

If you want to get super deep into simple living, you can get involved by:

If you want to reach us, you can send an email to or Also, say “Hi!” on Twitter @simple_rev or connect with us, and each other, on Facebook at SimpleREV.

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