The Rise of SimpleREV Local Gatherings - ATSR014 SimpleREV

Local SimpleREV GatheringsOn the last episode of All Things SimpleREV, we spoke with the first person to host a SimpleREV local gathering – Peta Wilson just outside of Sydney, Australia. She welcomed eleven people from her community into her home for an afternoon of beautiful simple living on October 5, 2014 … a mere four hours after we wrapped up SimpleREV 2014 in Minneapolis, MN.

In this episode, Dan and Joel talk about how local SimpleREV style gatherings are starting to catch on!

We talk about Joel's experience at SimpleREV gatherings in Minneapolis, MN and you'll find out about:

  • The good old 5Ws and their buddy H (who, what, when, where, and why … plus how) of the first Minneapolis local SimpleREV gathering.
  • How Jeff Sandquist simplifies the holidays (and how you can too).
  • Resources to help you set up your own SimpleREV community in your local area.
  • Some chatter about a future “field kit” for others to use to set up their own SimpleREV local gatherings.

By The Way: Don't wait for the field kit to host your first SimpleREV local gathering. Get resourceful like Peta and get your own crew together. Even if it's just you and two other people at your dining room table, it's not about the numbers. It's about building community, connecting, and teaching each other about your slice of simple living.

The Other Big News

It's with heavy heart that I, Dan Hayes, will be bidding farewell to the rest of the SimpleREV Brain Trust team (and the All Things SimpleREV podcast). I'll still be around to be a major cheerleader for SimpleREV, Joel, and and the simple living movement. But I go a little more in-depth about why I'm retiring from active SimpleREV duty during this episode.

What Else You (and We) Need to Know

Do you have questions about what's next for the SimpleREV community? Leave a comment on the show notes and tell us what's on your mind.

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