How Peta Wilson Brought SimpleREV to Australia (and Gives You a Great Template) - ATSR013 SimpleREV

SImple Life RebootOn the last episode, we recapped the second full day of SimpleREV 2014 by talking Offers and Needs Markets, the power of our participant’s stories, and mentioning how our guest today took the initiative to have her own SimpleREV gathering.

Today, we’re back to chat with someone who takes turns being inspired by us and inspiring us. Peta Wilson joined us from the beautiful Lower Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Australia and gave us all the ins and outs about SimpleREV.

You know, it wasn't long ago that Peta sent Joel an email saying that she was so excited about what we North American SimpleREVers were doing that she couldn’t let us have all the fun.

So on October 5, 2014, a mere four hours after we wrapped up SimpleREV 2014 in Minneapolis, MN, Peta hosted eleven people from around Sydney for an afternoon of exploration between the crossroads of simple living and community. It was an amazing show of solidarity put together by an amazing woman.

Peta Wilson and the SimpleREV 2014 Sydney Crew

We sat down to ask Peta some questions and learn more about her, the SimpleREV experience, and her own simplicity journey. Here's what she told us.

You're About to Learn …

  • How a conventional path of decluttering turned into so much more.
  • The context (and wisdom) behind Peta's words: “It's challenging to feel important in the slow.”
  • What compelled her to host a SimpleREV style gathering at her house at the same time as SimpleREV 2014 in Minneapolis.
  • Practical examples of what she and her community expected from SimpleREV vs. what actually happened.
  • How she's benefited from combining simple living with bringing her local community together.
  • What's changed for Peta and her fellow participants since their SimpleREV gathering.
  • Her top tips to get resourceful for your own SimpleREV gathering.
  • What’s next with her simple living journey (and how she'd like to see SimpleREV grow).

Resources and People Mentioned

What Else You (and We) Need to Know

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Photo credit: Peta Wilson