ATSR003: Your Uncommonly Good Invite to Minimalism with Joshua Becker

joshua-becker-simplerevOn Episode 3 of All Things SimpleREV, we're joined by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist. Joshua will be providing the opening welcome message at SimpleREV 2014 and there are even rumblings he might pull double duty and give a workshop too.

He invites people to consider the practical benefits of owning less and living more, through his website, public speaking, best-selling books, and his rational approach to minimalism. He’s a true leader in the simple living movement, a proud family man, and keeps cranking out the hits, most recently with his highly popular book, Clutterfree with Kids.

We had a chance to ask Joshua a few questions about simple living and those queries are below. Crank this episode up if you wanted the candid answers to:

  • Where Joshua personally turns to for community.
  • Revealing stories that people have shared with Joshua about how simple living has changed their world … and everyone else around them.
  • Why Dan, Joel, and Joshua ignored the conventional wisdom to “Just wait until the kids leave the nest to simplify.”
  • How people get hooked on minimalism (and how you can too).

SimpleREV Specifics

Mark your calendars for SimpleREV on October 3-4, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the University of St. Thomas downtown campus. 200+ people, all passionate about simplicity, will be there … and we want you there too!

If you want to get deep into reviving and revolutionizing simplicity in your life, you can get involved by:

If you want to reach us, you can send an email to or SimpleREV is also coming into its own on social media, so say hi on Twitter @simple_rev or join us on Facebook at SimpleREV.

Thanks Joshua for joining us on All Things SimpleREV! And a special thanks to you, too, for listening in. Be sure to subscribe in iTunes so you don't miss a beat, or keep checking in back here for all the latest.