Shredding the Paper Habit with Brooks Duncan of DocumentSnap - ATSR009 SimpleREV

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Are those stacks of paper and cabinets of carbon stressing you out?

If so, we brought a special guest onto the show to help you figure out what version of paperless will work for you. It's none other than Brooks Duncan – SimpleREV workshop leader and paperless expert – of

DocumentSnap is where Brooks writes about tools, workflows, and taking action to shred our paper habits. He's also a Certified Management Accountant, a former computer programmer, and lives with his wife and two kiddos in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

We poked and probed until Brooks delivered the goods on:

  • Whether you can truly go totally paperless (and if you'd actually want to).
  • The common – and beatable – challenges people face when going paperless.
  • His top tips on where to start your paperless journey.
  • Why his Paperless Document Organization Guide is so useful … even before you scan your first document.

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