Storytime, Workshops, and Taking Chances at SimpleREV 2014 (with a Full Day 2 Recap) - ATSR012 SimpleREV

SImple Life RebootYou didn't miss the last episode where Dan and Joel took you behind the scenes of Day 1 of our first-ever SimpleREV event … right?

You know, the episode packed with highlights of the inspiring storytellers, workshop leaders, REV Talkers, and some back stage looks of the SimpleREV 2014 event planning?

Whew. That's a relief. Because today's episode builds upon and gives some amazing context to what you already heard.

Get ready for some Day 2 action and a whole lot of tomfoolery from Joel, Dan, and the rest of the SimpleREV crew.

You're About to Learn …

Offers and Needs Market

  • How Attendee Storytime almost stole the show.
  • Nifty details on the workshops by Brooks Duncan and Joshua Becker.
  • Why Joel was daring stupid enough to take on the authorities during lunch (twice).
  • How David Delp and Mike Vardy‘s workshops challenged us in unexpected ways.
  • The motivation that flowed from our last REV Talker, Patrick Rhone.
  • Why our eco-friendly event was so worth it.

  • The post-event meal at Brit’s Pub … and who was completely spent.
  • Our last act of community building and simplicity on Sunday morning.
  • SimpleREV Down Under? Wait … we're in Australia now?!

Yeah … SimpleREV 2014 Was Something Special

We’re still processing what the event meant to each of us and our entire community. But it's a good sign that the drum beat for SimpleREV 2015 is already getting loud.

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Photo credit: Andrew Yelken