Behind the Scenes of SimpleREV 2014 (with a Full Day 1 Recap) - ATSR011 SimpleREV

SImple Life RebootCan we be candid with you?

SimpleREV 2014 was amazing! But don't take our word for it (actually, please do … we'd appreciate it).

Here’s how just two of the participants described their experience:

  • “Two mind-blowing days that left me with a head full of thoughts and a heart full of love.”
  • “A remarkable gathering of like-minded people dedicated to living intentionally and supporting one another’s meaningful lives.”

We can't remember the last time we shared so many hugs, stories, resources, and high-fives before our community event happened on October 3-4 in Minneapolis, MN.

So in this episode of All Things SimpleREV, Joel and Dan talk (well, actually gush) about the awesomeness that was SimpleREV 2014.

This is as insider as it gets as we give you a complete rundown of the action – planned and unplanned – for Day 1.  You'll get highlights of the inspiring storytellers, workshop leaders, and REV Talkers, but we also dish up some looks behind the curtain of the SimpleREV event planning, the lead-up, and the “pre-game” events.

Want the Day 2 action and follow-up episode? Click here.

Is SimpleREV Over? Heck No!

The SimpleREV 2014 Crew

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