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Groovy! There's a doosie of a follow-up on episode 1.

This time Dan and Joel share details on ticket sales, talk about some of the workshop leaders, and get themselves – and hopefully you – even more pumped up for the whole event.

These Aren't Just Speakers. They're Leaders.

Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker inspires people to consider the practical benefits of owning less and living more. And his rational approach to minimalism has made him one of today’s leading voices in the simple living movement. He's also the founder and editor of Becoming Minimalist and the best-selling author of Simplify and Clutterfree with Kids.

Mike Vardy

Mike Vardy is a writer, speaker, podcaster, and the productivityist. He's the author of The Front Nine: How To Start The Year You Want Anytime You Want, and co-hosts the Mikes on Mics podcast on the 5by5 Network.

David Delp

A designer by trade, an artist at heart, and a playwright by sheer will, David Delp is also a father, friend, homemaker, neighborhood organizer, gardener, musician, ham and hack (among others). He’s taught a course on designing a balanced life at the California College of the Arts and led workshops on making powerful roles, inspiring goals, and great plans. It’s his dream to design super-duper tools to help you focus your attention and craft a life you wouldn’t trade for a bazillion dollars … or even a time machine. Connect with him at

Dave and Sheryl Balthrop

Dave and Sheryl Balthrop are a husband and wife team living in Eugene, Oregon. After taking a long overdue road trip, they placed their dream home on the market, let go of 85% of their belongings, and rediscovered joys they had buried beneath years of overload. For Dave (a mentor to persons with disabilities) and Sheryl (an attorney), their adventure is one they could have never anticipated. You can share in their ongoing journey at Simple Life Reboot.

Saul of Hearts

Saul is a film school grad turned all-around freelancer who has passionately explored the Share Economy. He spent almost two years living in an intentional community, and is also a trained yoga instructor and regular Burning Man participant. All of his possessions can fit into the back of his car, allowing him to take frequent excursions and create value from anywhere.

These inspiring folks are just a few of the workshop leaders at SimpleREV 2014. We hope you're thinking, “Count me in!” If so, early bird tickets are on sale now and yours are just a click away!

We've Got the Logistics Covered

Some of the most common questions we're asked are:

  • What about transportation from the airport to the hotel?
  • Where do I stay?
  • How do I get around Minneapolis?
  • Where do I eat?

You can get answers to all these questions (and more) right here.

SimpleREV Specifics

Mark your calendars for SimpleREV on October 3-4, 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the University of St. Thomas downtown campus. 200+ people, all passionate about simplicity, will be there … and we want you there too!

If you want to get deep into reviving and revolutionizing simplicity in your life, you can get involved by:

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