SimpleREV: The Movement (and How to Join Us)

SimpleREV: The Movement

SimpleREV Community Collage

What if we could make the simple, sustainable choice the default and desirable one again?

We can … and more people wake up to this reality every moment.

The System promoting hyper-consumerism and mindlessness is playing defense. The forces that want us to race unintentional and unsustainable lives are now running from us.

Why? Because SimpleREV stands with the grateful. The content. The abundant.

We – the people dedicated to all forms of simple living – are building communities where the most appealing and fulfilling life is a simple one.

We’re liberating companies, media outlets, and institutions from relying on, and thriving upon, a broken status quo.

Our allies are self-awareness, compassion, empowerment, and humility. The heroes of SimpleREV are finding solutions, and each other, online or offline. The System will go down fighting. But it will go down.

What We Believe In

The SimpleREV community rises up against complacency, narrowly defined success, and a sea of plastic.

But we stand for so much more. This can be seen in many places, but is embodied in The SimpleREV Declaration.

When we boil our Declaration down, it's summed up in nine words:

Simplicity Your Way, at Your Speed, with Your People

Who Inspires and Believes In Us

“Wanting less is a better blessing than having more.” – Mary Ellen Edmunds

SimpleREV is grateful to our simple-living pioneers. Some of them are the bedrock of the world’s religions: Jesus, Buddha, the Prophet Muhammad, or Moses. Others are alive and actively supporting.

Whether it’s our workshop leaders like Marc and Angel Chernoff, Joshua Becker and Farnoosh Brock or our long-distance champions like Brooke McAlary, Duane Elgin, and Mohamed Tohami, we already have something special.

Communities, large and small, are hosting free SimpleREV Local gatherings in their town as more join us every day.

We want you to inspire us, too. And we work tirelessly to give you something to believe in … and belong to.

The SimpleREV Brain Trust

Joel Zaslofsky

Joel Zaslofsky

Founder and Brain Trust Member

Sarah Wehkamp

Sarah Wehkamp

Pillar of Parenting and Brain Trust Member

SimpleREV is the brainchild of Joel Zaslofsky. His vision for a simple-living movement was quickly improved by former Brain Trust member, Dan Hayes of Simple Life Together.

Sarah Wehkamp of Parents Who came aboard in October 2014 and now, more and more people are playing bigger roles in SimpleREV’s success. In other words, our shared ownership is growing directly with the level of empowerment we give our SimpleREV community.

Go here if you want more details about the Brain Trust. But remember: SimpleREV isn’t about individuals. It’s about us.