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Where Your Community Connects: SimpleREV Local Gatherings

Free, intentional, and committed SimpleREV Local gatherings are happening from Minneapolis to Sydney. Community leaders have stepped up to host regularly scheduled, highly organized, and seriously fun get-togethers so we can connect in-person about slowing down, being grateful, and nerding out about our slice of the simple life.

Some groups do workshops or focus on participant story time. Others run an occasional, non-commercial “Offers and Needs Market.”

But each group has the same SimpleREV spirit of experiences over stuff, knowing what's important so we can release what's not, and helping people understand that simple living is for everyone.

Discover how to bring SimpleREV Local gatherings to your community right here and check out how Sydney does simple in the brief video.

“We had the most wonderful afternoon. One of the ladies who came was so inspired that she’s already talking to her church about running a similar SimpleREV style gathering.” Peta Wilson, SimpleREV Local Host

Experience Our Events

Imagine this: it's early October in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Sixty inspiring simple-living enthusiasts are gathered for two days of deep connecting, intimate workshops, and all the hugs or high-fives anyone can handle. Authentic stories and nourishing friendships flow like the mighty Mississippi just down the road.

That's exactly what happened at our SimpleREV 2014 and 2015 events and we know you'll feel the excitement for future events we organize. Join all the inspiring (and inspired) people subscribed to our newsletter and be notified first about your chance at a life-changing ticket to our events.

“The event was incredible, packed from start to finish with great workshop leaders, ideas, and connecting with my community. It was worth every penny and every second … and I can't wait for the next one.”

Jeff Sandquist

“SimpleREV 2015 left me stronger, more informed, and more excited about life than I ever have been! Honestly, it was the best weekend of my life so far.”

Michelle Brooke Barry

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